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Once the data has been extracted, formatted and upload into our system, the real power of our proprietary software comes to bear. Our software reviews a vast number of parameters including the entities; the dates of transactions, countries of origin, countries of spend etc to segregate the data between transactions in scope and transactions which are not in scope.

Our propriertary software calculates if each transaction is ‘Domestic’ or ‘Foreign’ and, programmed with the most up to date tax rates and rules, calculates the eligibility of each transaction for recovery and quantifies the VAT recovery potential per transaction.

Further analysis is conducted to determine the particular deadlines associated with each transaction.

Transactions where the deadlines have passed are classified as such and are removed from scope, while transactions with the closest deadline are prioritised and are processed first. Through this systematic and intelligent analysis, transactions with recoverable opportunity are identified and VAT refunds are maximised.

Our propriertary software goes further than just maximising your refund. An important part of the extended analysis we offer client includes the identification and analysis of ineligible transactions. As a value add for our clients, we analyse these ineligible transactions to understand why they are ineligible for recovery and identify core actions that can be taken to ensure that these ineligible transactions become eligible in future.

Once the analysis is finalised, an executive summary is prepared and presented to the client showing the recovery potential, broken down by entity, by refund country and by expense type. This analysis provides you with the insight to know how much VAT can be recovered. Armed with this information, it enables you to make smarter business decisions and present the business case internally within your organisation to secure support for the VAT recovery project.

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