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We use our proprietary software to bring the benefits of Automated VAT solutions to our clients.

This proprietary software technology provides high end smarter VAT solutions that are unique to the VAT solutions industry.

Expense management systems allow your employees file their expenses quickly and efficiently. However an organisation can often loose control over their travel expenses, our smarter VAT solutions can;

  1. Audit for expense claim accuracy and travel policy compliance and
  2. Analyse data to maximise VAT recovery

We provide our clients with unique processing and reporting capabilities. To achieve this our propiertary software automates the examination of corporate expense and AP data from its capture, analysis, and processing to its reporting.

How it works

Our patented proprietary technology, automatically captures your data providing full visibility and maximises your recovery.

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Innovation to meet your needs

With flexibility and usability in mind, our proprietary software benefits your company by;

  • Reducing employee and management time
  • Radically reducing time taken to submit claims and receive reimbursement.
  • Eliminating paper-based tasks, reducing processing costs and time.
  • Offering centralised control

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