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If your organisation incurs VAT abroad as part of your business activities you are most likely eligible to claim a VAT refund. Each country has different conditions on what qualifies for foreign VAT refunds but common criterion for reclaiming VAT in most countries include VAT registration, your business activities and location and the types of expenses you have incurred.

点选这里 to view the VAT Chart of countries and expenses refundable to EU-based companies.

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Most organisations we talk to understand the importance of foreign VAT reclaim in reducing expenses. However, the complexities and time demands of recovering VAT can be cost prohibitive.  That’s where Taxback International comes in. Our experience and local tax legislation expertise can safeguard your business against tax losses, ensure you're compliant with all tax regulations and provide complete management of your foreign VAT recovery process.

If you are a medium-large or multi- national organisation with numerous invoices and expenses across more than one country, our Data Analysis can analyse all your data to identify your total VAT reclaim opportunity”.

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