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Smarter VAT Solutions

Do you utilise Concur Expense?

Using our proprietary software, Taxback International and Concur have designed Fast Track VAT to allow Concur clients to easily benefit from a VAT reclaim process without the headache of the data gathering.

VAT reclaim is just a click away! Seamlessly integrate Concur Expense with Taxback International following these three simple steps and receive a free VAT refund report.


The Solution in Brief:

In order to ensure companies minimise cost of international business travel, Concur and have developed a unique offering exclusively designed for all Concur users to help them maximise their foreign VAT recovery.

The App

Fast Track VAT was created as a result of our efforts to leverage technology to drive customer value. The App is available through your standard login to the Concur system and provides you with various opportunities to better manage your VAT reclaim.

The main component of the App is to ensure you authorise your expense data transfer from your Concur account to Taxback International. Thus allowing Taxback International carry out data analysis, resulting in a VAT refund opportunity report outlining your VAT refund potential and facilitating VAT recovery. Authorisation and transfer with just a click of a button will save time and communications between the involved parties to organise same and will ensure complete automation where data security complies with the best standards.

Going one step further, the App will provide detailed information on various VAT services, as well as an inquiry form and a registration form.

Communication to Taxback International straight from the App is organised via different mediums: national telephone lines, dedicated email account, and our chat chat system.

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