Our Goals

Smarter VAT Solutions

Mid-and long term environmental impact reduction goals:

Energy Conservation Reduce the total  CO2 emissions by 25% before 2020                                                                           
Resource Conservation and Recycling Reduce the new input resources by 20% before 2020
Pollution Prevention Reduce travel cost by 20% before 2020
Energy Conservation
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our processing activities
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our logistics activities
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our sales and business development activities
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by adopting processes that consume less.
  • Develop environmental technologies that have lower medium to long-term environmental impact
Resource Conservation and Recycling
  • Further reduce our use of new resources
  • Work harder to use recycled products, which will lower our use of new materials and parts
  • Reduce waste generation
Pollution Prevention
  • Reduce travel by airplane and automobile
  • Utilise video conferencing technology whenever possible
Conservation of biodiversity
  • Help mantain and restore the Earth's self-recovery capabilities
  • Implement programs to support biodiversity within the premises of Taxback International

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