VAT Recovery for Motorsport Companies

Cutting your teams running costs by up to 27%


Foreign VAT recovery is a complex process that often requires a major investment of time and resources. The Motorsport sector presents specific challenges that require in-depth knowledge of the industry as well as local VAT rules.

Our Solution

Taxback International has simplified the complex process of foreign VAT recovery and customized it for Motorsport teams with the sole purpose of reducing the business costs for our Motorsport clients and saving them time and effort.

How it works

We offer extensive industry knowledge and experience, global presence and VAT refunds from 43 countries for more than 13,000 clients worldwide.

VAT Refunds

We assist our Motorsport clients to recover foreign VAT on the following expenses.

  • Testing
  • Race costs
  • Admission passes
  • Paddock Fees
  • Spare parts, repairs & tyres
  • Fuel & road tolls
  • Accommodation & meals
  • Car hire
  • Miscellaneous costs

No Refund - No Fee

Taxback International understands the need for clients to minimise risk and costs for outsourcing processes and offers a no-obligation initial refund estimate to help you identify your VAT reclaim potential. Taxback International offer further assurance of risk and cost reduction, by providing contingency pricing to motorsport teams – meaning NO REFUND – NO FEE!


Taxback International is the only VAT Refund provider to specialise in VAT refunds for Motorsport teams, racing internationally. Our industry knowledge and expertise makes us the first choice for so many motorsport teams and companies.

  • Reduced overall running costs
  • Increased cash flow
  • ‘Clean claim’ policy
  • Multilingual support
  • Focusing resources
  • Full transparency and control
  • Staff training

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