VAT Compliance

Taxback International can support your business in meeting all VAT obligations

VAT Compliance

Your business is required to be in full Compliance with the Tax authorities in each jurisdiction it operates. At a certain threshold, you are required to register for VAT.


Your business is required to pay taxes in each jurisdiction it operates. At a certain threshold, it is required to register for VAT in these countries you operate as a compulsory legal matter most likely.


While in theory VAT is straightforward, in practise it can be complex. Taxes are not the core competency of your business and can take away valuable resources from your operations while trying to navigate compliance requirements.


At Taxback International, VAT is our Core Competency. Our experts work on your behalf as an extended member of your team to tailor our solution to your VAT compliance needs globally.

How it Works

We have VAT experts in over 30 countries worldwide and speak up to 17 languages in-house. Our team is at your disposal to manage your regular Compliance needs.

  • VAT Registrations, de-registrations, and threshold monitoring of your business globally.
  • Regular submission of your VAT obligations in every major business country.
  • As well as Intrastat, Sales & Purchase Listings, and all statistical reporting. Import VAT, Aviation Taxes and mineral oil taxes compliance.
  • Fiscal representation.
  • VAT consulting, audits, and Tax Office correspondence management.

Our services can be tailored from VAT sense check, VAT ERP review, VAT reviews, Submission only, and Full service. Provided by our dedicated teams for Compliance, Consulting, Recovery and Corrections.


  • Assurance that your VAT obligations will be met, and kept informed of its current situation regularly via our online dashboard and Account Managers.
  • Fixed and controlled budgeting for peace of mind, and no risk of spiralling compliance costs.
  • Taxback International recognition with local VAT offices provides gold standard representation.
  • Reduces risk of lost VAT recovery, and unreported VAT on sales.
  • You can focus on your business while we focus on your VAT.

A member of our team will be able to discuss your specific VAT needs and provide a solution for your business.

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"Taxback International has always been our driving force to register for tax compliance in each country! Their extensive knowledge of each region's tax requirements is so beneficial to the success of our events . The team takes us through every step of registration needs, accommodates our special requests, and also offers the best customer service along the way. Thank you Taxback International team for saving us money on our international events!"

- Tricia Sutherland, Meeting Professionals International -

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